CE Marking

CE Marking

What is CE Marking?

"CE marking" is a process that applies to a wide variety of products and one that manufacturers located in the EU or importers of goods into the EU must complete. The CE mark is affixed to the product as the final stage of this process and is effectively a statement from the manufacturer (or importer) that the process has been successfully completed and that the product meets the essential requirements of the relevant CE marking Directives.


Why Do I Need CE Marking?

The point of CE marking is to provide controls on product design, with the principal objective being to provide a 'level playing field' for product safety requirements across the European Community. Effectively, this removes barriers to trade throughout the European Economic Area, allowing companies free access to markets in all the different countries without having to meet particular local requirements.


Does My Product Require CE Marking?

If the product falls under at least one of the CE marking Directives and is not specifically excluded by the directive(s), yes to both. However, as the Directives cover a very large range of products it is not practical to write a list of all the included and excluded product types here. JF Electrical Services Ltd can offer further advise and guidance. The penalties for not correctly CE marking a product, falsely CE marking a product or failing to CE mark a product for which it is required are generally a maximum of 3 months in jail and a £5000 fine (for the director of the offending company).


What Do I Need To Do To  CE Mark my Product?

You need to demonstrate that you have fulfilled the essential requirements of any relevant directives. This is in two parts; Protection requirements and Administrative requirements. The protective requirements relate to the design of the product and can be demonstrated by meeting the requirements of the relevant standards. The administrative requirements relate to how the product is CE marked. This generally involves the manufacturer producing a Declaration of Conformity and a technical file containing design/manufacturing information and also the application of the CE mark to the product.


How Can JF Electrical Services Ltd Help?

JF Electrical Services Ltd can help manufactures, importers and exporters to correctly navigate the CE marking procedure and ensure they have met all their requirements. There is significant effort and time required to understand the CE marking procedure and to correctly fulfil the obligations contained in it.